RateMyVADoc is intended to provide US Veterans with a forum to review and rate VA healthcare providers, and discuss VA healthcare. If you are a Veteran we hope you will contribute by creating an account and telling us about your experiences.

Why RateMyVADoc? Two reasons – one related to VA healthcare and one related to VA benefits – as explained below.

When it comes to VA healthcare services for Veterans (VHA), the VA has a mixed reputation. Some Veterans will say there are good providers, while others will say the providers are a problem. The reality is there are both good and bad providers within the VA, which is exactly why this site is needed. If you find that your provider is great, let other Veterans know so they can seek out that provider. If your provider is problematic, also let other Veterans know, so they can avoid him or her.

Similarly, there seems to be a mixed bag when it comes to examiners who provide rating opinions for VA benefits claims (VBA), such as C&P (Compensation and Pension) examiners. Many examiners (regardless of whether they are VA or contracters) who provide ratings for VA benefits, seem to be (unprofessionally) biased against Veterans and assume the worst of them. Meanwhile other examiners tend to be more objective and professional, and will be more likely to provide fair evaluations to disabled Vets. Again, we want to steer Veterans away from biased examiners and to examiners who will be fair, objective and professional.

The point is, other Veterans will not know which providers or examiners to see and which to avoid unless you tell them. So please do so!

Please be patient while the site is developed. We value the contribution of all US Veterans. Thank you for your interest. And thank you for your service.