Q: Are you endorsed by the VA?
A: Absolutely not. This is a forum for Veterans.

Q: Who maintains this website and how is it supported?
A: This site is maintained by the author of Succeed With VA Compensation, and is supported/paid for by book sales.

Q: Why is my provider not listed?
A: Because you have not yet posted him/her, or written a review. There are simply too many VA healthcare providers for me to even begin to attempt to list them all. Please contribute to help other Vets.

Q: How do I add a provider to the list, or rate and review a provider?
A: You must create an account here, and then you can do all three of those things.

Q: When adding a provider how should I format their information?
A: I recommend you ideally use the following format: Last name, First name, Middle initial (if available), Title (MD, NP, PA, RN, etc.), provider role, the clinic with which the provider is associated, the address of the clinic, and the phone number of the clinic. For example, like this:

Brown, Charlie MD

Charlie Brown, MD; Primary Care service
Peanuts Medical Clinic
123 Somewhere St.
New Hope MN 55427

If you have questions about this or need help, please contact me. I hope to have a more sophisticated database available for use in the future.

Q: Veterans don't get to choose our C&P doctors/examiners, so how does this help me?
A: You have a right to know who your examiner will be when you are scheduled for a C&P exam. You may not be able to choose your specific examiner, but you can request to only be seen by a VA examiner, or to not be seen by a VA examiner. So you have some ability to influence which doctor/examiner you see. If you know that either the VA or private sector contract examiner is a problem, you can opt for the alternative. Also, if you reschedule your exam, you may be assigned a different examiner, so that is also an option. Ultimately, knowing gives you options. For healthcare purposes, you do get to choose your doctor.

More Q & A to come.